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Why Eco Roofing?

In this time and age, if everything related to our lifestyle is not environment-friendly, we will not have a safe place to live in. Eco roof is a great way to take a step towards keeping your environment safe. It is a sustainable choice that you can make in today’s time. Getting a roof for your house is a tricky step of building a home. This is because you have to live with that roof for years, if not decades. Therefore, the choice you make should be durable and smart.

Providing Rubber Roofing for Your Home

At SRS Roofing , we provide rubber roofing and rubber roof replacement services for your home. Rubber shingles are good for flat roofs, but they can also be placed on an asphalt roof. So, it is up to you whichever way you would like it to be. We would guide you in choosing the best.

Rubber roofs are eco-friendly because they do not need to be replaced every ten years, thus reducing the wastage. They can last up to 50 years as modern rubber can resist Sun’s rays.

Making Your Roofs Eco-Friendly Since 30 Years

Everyone knows that Enviro Shakes is the master of eco-friendly roofing. But making the roof is not the only step. You have to install it too, and that is where we come to your aid. We are pros of installing every kind of green roof as we have been doing this for a long time now.

Green roofs add an amazing aesthetic to any building. They can make your home look visually pleasing. There was a time when everywhere you looked, you saw grey concrete. Now, people want to see beautiful architecture that gives a refreshing change to their homes.

Secondly, green roofs also regulate temperature. No matter what kind of climate it is, green roofs aid in the regulation of temperature so that you can save money on heating and cooling. Living in urban areas means that you hardly get to breathe in good-quality air. However, green roofs give you the chance to have a generator of fresh air in your own house. Localized flooding is a huge issue, especially when the rainy season comes upon us. Having a green roof keeps you safe from this as the greenery absorbs most of the water.

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Why choose us for installing Eco-Friendly Roofs?

We have been doing this for many years, and we know the ups and downs of this task. Every person in our team is equipped with the skills to do this task flawlessly. You can let us know what kind of eco-friendly roof you want and we will give you a free quote for your roofing. If you want to make a sustainable home in Canada, give us a call, and we will make sure that the roof is just as you want it to be. Our service does not end at just installing the roof but we also stick around for repairs and maintenance of your green roof.

We are Roofing & Gutters Specialists

We have over 30 years experience in roofing and guttering ,using

the highest Quality materials and backing up our workmanship