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Eco Roofing | Green Roof Installation

A green eco-roof, serving as an alternative to traditional roofing materials like concrete tiles, is a living roof. Significantly, it is crucial to test the supporting structure to confirm it can bear the weight of a green roof. Once installed, a green roof offers both visual appeal and environmental benefits.

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Green roofs, aptly named for their vegetation cover, are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. They offer insulation, absorb rainwater, and mitigate the ‘urban heat island effect,’ benefiting both you and your neighbors. There are two types of green roofs: Extensive, featuring a thin soil layer with low-growing plants, and Intensive, with a deeper soil layer supporting taller plants.

Green Roof Installation

The green roof installation process involves several key steps:

1. Structural Assessment:

Evaluate the roof structure to ensure it can support the additional weight.

waterproof membrane for roof installation

2. Waterproof Membrane:

Apply a waterproof membrane to protect the building from moisture damage.

root barrier for green roof

3. Root Barrier:

Install a root barrier to prevent plant roots from penetrating the membrane.

4. Drainage Layer:

Add drainage layers to manage water runoff effectively.

5. Growing Medium:

Spread a growing medium designed to support the chosen vegetation.

6. Plant Installation:

Arrange the plants carefully across the roof,green roof.

plant installation

7. Irrigation System:

Install an irrigation system if necessary to maintain plant health.

This systematic approach ensures a functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing green roof.

What is Green Roof Cost?

Green Roof TypeLow CostHigh CostAverage Cost
Intensive green roof cost$60$200$130
Extensive green roof cost$50$100$75
green roof cost

What are the significant Cost Factors?

Other factors influencing the eco roof cost include:

  • The need for additional roof support, which may require structural engineering to reinforce the roof for the weight of the soil and plants.
  • Any necessary accessories, such as edge retention trims, to securely hold all materials on the roof.
  • The accessibility of your roof, including its height, which might necessitate the use of scaffolding.
  • Whether the quote includes drainage components like gutters, downpipes, water storage, and necessary modifications.
  • Moreover, the quality and quantity of the plants.


Pros of Green Roof

Generally, Green roofs provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Reducing and filtering stormwater runoff.
  • Also, absorbing pollutants and carbon dioxide.
  • Offering natural habitats for wildlife.
  • Serving as recreational green spaces, particularly with intensive green roofs.

Cons of Green Roof

What are the disadvantages of a green roof?

One significant disadvantage of a eco green roof is the increased weight load. Green roofs are considerably heavier and therefore necessitate additional structural support. Generally, a green roof can add between 50 and 200 kg per square meter to an existing rooftop.

How much maintenance do green roofs require?

While certain green roof types demand intensive upkeep, the majority only need to be inspected once or twice annually.

Is consulting a structural engineer necessary before installing a green roof?

It is advisable to consult a structural engineer to ensure your current roof can bear the additional weight of a green roof.

Is planning permission needed for a green roof installation?

Typically, adding a green roof to an existing building does not require planning permission. Nonetheless, it’s best to check with your local planning department before starting any work.

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