1. How does Enviroshake Lead the Way in Composite Roofing?

Enviroshake is a trailblazer in the composite roofing industry, renowned for its highly realistic cedar shake appearance. While a cedar shake roof offers traditional beauty and luxury, natural cedar is susceptible to environmental stressors such as freeze-thaw cycles, moisture, UV rays, and wind. Enviroshake provides an ideal solution, combining the classic beauty of cedar with unmatched performance.

enviro shingles on roof

2. Which roof should be must installed?

To ensure the longevity and reliability of your roof, Enviroshake must be installed by a Factory Trained Installer to validate the warranty. We understand that a new roof is a significant investment, likely a once-in-a-lifetime expense. That’s why we offer a 50-year roofing guarantee, fully transferable, to give you peace of mind about your investment.

3.How is Enviroshake Wind Resistance?

Enviroshake boasts remarkable wind resistance, enduring speeds up to 180 MPH (290 km/h). It surpass the standard high-velocity testing acceptance for synthetic products but typically rated at 110 mph. No special installation processes are needed to achieve this superior wind resistance.

4. Is Enviroshake Fire Resistance?

Enviroshake products are available with an unconditional Class A fire rating (ASTM E108). Unlike natural cedar, which requires periodic chemical treatments for fire resistance, Enviroshake provides Class A fire protection without harmful chemicals, ensuring safe, potable water runoff.

enviroshake roof

5. Which roof is Impact Resistance?

Enviroshake has earned a Class 4 Impact Rating (UL 2218), the highest available. Following a severe hailstorm in Calgary, Alberta, Enviroshake reported zero warranty claims, demonstrating its superior durability against extreme weather.

6. Is Enviroshake UV Resistance?

Enviroshake roofs feature built-in UV protection with a proprietary blend of high-quality hindered amine light stabilizers (HALSs) and antioxidants, ensuring long-term resistance to UV damage. In addition, the tiles weather to a natural matte finish over six months to a year, mimicking the look of aged cedar or slate.

7. How enviroshake has Solar Reflectivity?

Enviroshake’s Envirocool® roofing products boast a Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) of 31, with the custom color Bermuda White achieving an impressive SRI of 80.7. These products minimize heat transfer, potentially lowering heating and cooling costs.

8. Which Tiles are Sustainable?

Enviroshake tiles are made from 95% post-industrial recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Purchasing an Enviroshake roof helps prevent plastic waste from entering oceans and reduces the demand for new oil.

9. What amount does enviroshake expand and contract?

Enviroshake tiles expand and contract less than 2% between seasons, ensuring stability regardless of temperature fluctuations. Unlike metal roofing, you won’t hear creaks or pops, and unlike other synthetics, there’s no risk of warping, curling, cracking, or melting.

10. Which roof requires Minimal Maintenance?

Enviroshake tiles require minimal maintenance compared to natural cedar or slate roofs, which need regular cleaning and are prone to insect damage. Enviroshake tiles are durable enough to be walked upon and are resistant to moss, lichen, and insects, saving you time and money.

11. Has enviroshake Rain Resistance and Potability?

Enviroshake tiles can withstand torrential downpours, offering rain resistance of 225 mm per hour. Runoff water from Enviroshake roofs is completely potable and meets World Health Organization drinking water standards, ensuring safe use in grey water systems.

enviroshingles are rain resistant

12. What materials are used to make Enviroshake products?

Enviroshake products are composed of 95% recycled materials, including post-industrial plastics, natural fibers, and elastomers. These materials protect the products from UV degradation and further allow them to authentically replicate the appearance of natural cedar and slate

13. How much does Enviroshake roofing cost?

The price of Enviroshake roofing varies between $7 and $10 per square foot.

14. What is the typical exposure for Enviroshingle?

Enviroshingle is usually installed in straight, single courses with a 5-inch exposure. However, it can be installed at exposures as low as 4 inches or in staggered courses.

15. How much does Enviroshake cost?

Enviroshake roofing is priced between $7 and $10 per square foot.

16. What is the cost of composite roofs from various manufacturers?

  • Enviroshake: $7-$10 per sq. ft.
  • Ply Gem: $7-$10 per sq. ft.
  • Brava Roof Tile: $7.70-$11 per sq. ft.
  • CeDUR: $8-$12 per sq. ft.

17. What is the average cost of installing Enviroshingles?

Homeowners can expect to spend between $5 and $8 per square foot on Enviroshake shingles, considering factors such as local installation costs, roof complexity, and permit fees. For an 1,800 sq. ft. roof, the total installation cost ranges from $9,000 to $14,400. For exact pricing, it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly, as they do not list prices online. Note that professional installation can significantly increase the total cost, with labor rates varying by up to 20-30% depending on the location in the US, with the highest rates found in affluent coastal cities.

18. What materials are used to make Enviroshingles?

Enviroshake shingles are made from 95% recycled materials, including post-industrial plastics, natural fibers, and elastomers. The production process is eco-friendly, recycling any scraps and diverting waste materials. Additionally, the shingles are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

19. What are the disadvantages of Enviroshake rubber shingles?

  • High Cost: Despite being made of rubber, which is usually cheaper, Enviroshake shingles are expensive and comparable to premium materials like cedar shake and metal roofing. Those seeking affordable options might consider alternatives like architectural asphalt shingles.
  • Strong Odor: Newly installed rubber shingles can emit a strong smell, which fades over time.

20. What are some alternatives to Enviroshingles?

If you’re interested in rubber shingles, other high-quality manufacturers to consider include:

  • Euroshield
  • CertainTeed
  • Malarkey
  • Atlas

21. Who should consider installing Enviroshingles?

Enviroshake shingles are suitable for those who:

  • Want a highly durable roof that offers protection against severe weather, strong winds, and fire.
  • Appreciate the look of natural cedar shake but prefer the durability of rubber shingles.
  • Prefer a durable roof without installing metal roofing.
  • Value a 50-year roofing warranty.
  • Prefer eco-friendly roofing products that are environmentally sustainable.

22. How realistic is the appearance of Enviroshake compared to natural cedar shake?

Enviroshake offers an authentic cedar shake look, moreover, featuring rich textures, deep woodgrain patterns, and a variety of color options. Whether you prefer a classic natural cedar style or a modern design, Enviroshake provides the versatility to match your vision.

23. How long does Enviroshingles maintain its appearance?

Unlike natural cedar shake, which can fade and weather over time, Enviroshake retains its vibrant colors and beautiful textures for a longer period. This ensures that your roof maintains its curb appeal and timeless elegance for years.

24. What are the benefits of Enviroshake’s lightweight construction?

Enviroshake is lighter than traditional cedar shake, reducing stress on your home’s structure. This is especially advantageous for older homes or those with specific structural limitations.

25. How does Enviroshingles contribute to energy efficiency?

Enviroshake reflects sunlight, helping to keep attic temperatures cooler during the summer. This can potentially lead to lower air conditioning costs.

enviroshake reflects the sun

26. What resistance properties does Enviroshingles offer?

Enviroshake’s composition resists mold and algae growth, maintaining the roof’s appearance over time, unlike traditional cedar shake.

27. How does the ease of installation of Enviroshake compare to traditional cedar shake roofing?

Enviroshake is designed for easy installation, which can result in lower installation costs compared to traditional cedar shake roofing.

By choosing Enviroshake, you are investing in a durable, environmentally-friendly roofing solution that combines traditional aesthetics with modern performance and sustainability. We know how crucial it is to select the perfect shake roofing material for your dream home. As certified installers, our skilled team is equipped with the expertise and experience to make your vision of an Enviroshake roof a reality.Follow and Engage: Engage with us on social media!


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