What is a gutter profile?

There is no such thing as a gutter that will last forever. There will come a time when you will need to replace them. It will require selecting a gutter profile that is functional and also suits the appearance of your home. Choosing the right gutter profile according to requirements and property style is a very critical task. First, a homeowner must identify the problem before choosing a gutter. SRS Roofing & Exterior is the best roof and gutter contractor in the lower mainland of Vancouver. We at SRS Roofing & Exteriors offer a variety of gutter profiles.

Gutter Profile

Which gutter profile should I choose?

We choose a new gutter when the old one never functions properly and problems arise. So, when selecting a new gutter profile, one must focus on the problems that must be avoided in the future, such as

  1. When it rains hard, do your gutters always overflow, regardless of whether they are clean? A high capacity gutter like half-round profiles can solve this problem because it can flow water more quickly than a box-shaped profile.
  1. Are you experiencing flooding and water damage to your walls and ceiling due to water flowing back onto your ceiling? This problem can be countered by installing slotted gutters that can overflow water when the water level rises very high. Another problem can be when your house is surrounded by trees or located inside or near a forest, because falling leaves, pine needles, and twigs can clog and block the gutter. A half-round profile is best as it is super easy to clean as its brackets are outside, which allows you to get in and clean the gutter. Furthermore, there were no angles where debris could become stuck.
  1. Do trusses and fascia get damaged by water accumulating behind the gutter? This problem can be solved by ensuring that the new gutter isn’t bolted to the fascia and allowing water to flow freely without getting trapped.

SRS Roofing & Exterior is the best roof and gutter contractor in the lower mainland of Vancouver. We at SRS Roofing & Exteriors offer a variety of gutter profiles. These come with a variety of features and styles, giving you lots of options for your home. SRS Roofing & Exteriors is an exterior finishing company specializing in gutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter cleaning in all locations of the Vancouver mainland.

What are the different gutter Profile styles SRS Roofing & Exterior offers?

Gutter 5 Inch Colonial

The smart choice of Vancouver’s homeowners to protect their property from water damage is the K-style gutter profile, also known as Colonial. It is the most widely and commonly used gutter style for residences and homes. The 5″ Colonial (5K/Ogee) has a wide bottom. It is able to accommodate a large flush-mount outlet. Its curved shape makes it look both attractive and useful. It is available in regular or heavy-gauge aluminium or steel material.

In addition to existing colonial and cottage homes, it is extensively used for new home construction, as well as fitting perfectly into older style colonial and cottage homes.

Gutter Super 5 Inch Colonial

The Super 5 “inch colonial is a fascia gutter. It features a deeper depth than the 5” Colonial gutters. Its wide bottom and curved shape make it more useful and elegant. As this gutter features a greater depth, it can be sloped effectively without exposing any paint lines on the fascia board from the previous gutter position. It is a great choice for renovations that are replacing Colonial gutters. If you are remodeling a Colonial gutter, this is an excellent gutter choice. Stainless steel or aluminum regular gauges are available. Generally, it can also serve as a sub fascia and soffit trim cover when there is no fascia board over the sub fascia. These gutters possess all of the classic looks, strength, and durability of a standard K-style gutter,

6″ Colonial Gutter

Commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings or large roofs, such as barns, widely use the 6″ inch Colonial gutter style. It is available in a heavy-gauge aluminum or steel design.

Half-Round European Gutter Profile

The 150mm diameter of the half-round gutter shape ensures excellent water carrying characteristics. The half-round gutter has self-cleaning ability and is used for all types of buildings, like modern homes, industrial and commercial office buildings.

Replacement of gutter profiles is a technical task that should be performed by professional roofing experts for home owners. At SRS Roofing & Exterior, gutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter cleaning maintenance are our specialty. If you have any questions, you can connect with us

SRS Roofing & Exterior provides free advice and cost estimation by calculating roof and downspout measurements.