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The main purpose of the gutters is to direct the water away from house. But sometimes, they are unable to function properly. There are a number of reasons why that occurs. But one of the main and the most common reasons is the accumulation of leaves in the gutter system. Apart from leaves, other debris including twigs and branches also play a big role in blocking of the gutter system. That is why the gutters need to be cleaned on regular intervals. We all know that cleaning the gutters is not only very messy, but also a smelly job. Apart from that, it also presents quite a risk as the job is supposed to be done at height. It has been reported that almost 500,000 injuries result from accidents associated with ladders. Leaf guard system as the solution.

Leaf guard system as the solution:

Therefore, if you want to keep the gutter safe from falling debris from the trees as well as the leaves, installing a leaf guard system is a very effective solution. The various benefits of installing a leaf guard system are given below

Maintenance cost:

In a number of cases, DIY cleaning is not sufficient to get rid of all the clogging that has occurred due to passage of a long time. That is why you will have to hire professional for gutter cleaning. Apart from that, even if you want to maintain the gutter system in a proper condition without the guard, you have to clean it more than once every year. Also after every storm, you will have to clean the gutter. Therefore, installing a leaf guard not only saves a lot of time, but also the maintenance cost of the gutters.

Corrosion protection:

Another problem that arises due to the clogging of soggy leaves is that it can cause corrosion in your gutter system. Not only the rust, but also when the surfaces will continually be in contact with moisture, you can face mold and fungus problems as well. With the installation of gutter guards, you can stay away from all such problems as the leaves will have no way in getting your gutter and then clogging it. Therefore, it will help in protecting your gutters from not only rust, but from mold and fungus as well.


Another major issue that arises due to the clogging is the infestation of bugs, insects and even rodents in the gutter. Eventually, all these infestations find a way into your house. These not only cause damage to the houses, but also present a serious health hazard as well. Therefore, if you have installed the gutter guards, you will have protection from clogging and you will have to face none of these problems.

Fire hazard:

During the fall season, not only wet leaves, but also dry leaves start accumulating in the gutters of your house. These dry leaves, twigs and branches are easily flammable. Therefore, if you or your neighbours often do bonfires, it presents a serious fire hazard. Apart from that, fire hazard is also present if there is some short circuit. With the presence of dry leaves and other debris from plants in your gutters, these are going to serve as a fuel to the fire. Therefore, with the installation of leave guards, you can also protect yourself against this hazard as well.

Improved water flow:

With the installation of gutter guards, the flow of water will also improve in the gutters. This will result in directing all the water away from your home very quickly. Apart from that, gutter guards will also prevent any clogging from debris. Therefore, they will make your gutter system even more efficient than before.

Property value:

Gutter guards are a long term investment. Not only it helps in lessening the maintenance cost, but it will also have long term benefits as well. One of those benefits is that when you are going to sell the house, the buyers will see that you have installed protection mechanisms like gutter guards. Therefore, they will be re assured about the structural integrity and the foundation protection against moisture or dampness. Therefore, it will have a huge impact on the price of the house as well. On the contrary, if the buyers sees no such protection, they will have doubts in their mind due to which the price might come down.

Therefore, there are a number of benefits of installing gutter guards in the gutters of your house. This is an investment that you will never regret.


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