Tips to maintain your roof

Simple Tips To Maintaining Your Roof


Properly installed roofs can last for decades without having to be substituted with a new one, but for a longer-lasting life span of your roof, it is necessary to ensure it will not deteriorate prematurely. It is a wise idea to endure regular maintain your roof . For maximizing the life expectancy of your roof consider these following few tips to help you protect your roof and make sure to always use proper safety gear to perform any sort of roof work. (safety 1st)

First, you should Visually inspect your roof and if you see any discoloration, moss build or shingles lifting. Srs Roofing provides free inspection with written reports and no extra cost. The first steps in maintaining your roof should be removing moss from your roof as soon as possible and cleaning the roof. Moss can cause extensive damage to any kind of structure if left unattended.  Never pressure wash a shingle roof as it can seriously damage the integratory of shingles. you can find many local reputable
roof cleaning companies in your area at very reasonable prices (an average
roof clean cost near 600 dollars).

You can visually inspect the decking of your roof from the attic. Sign of any watermarks or rotten wood means you have a leak in your roof.  call a local roofing contractor to have it repaired immediately as leaving it unchecked could cause major damages to your property and hefty repair bills.

Prevent trees from growing too close to your roof

If you live in British Columbia, you can understand having trees too close to your house can cause all sorts of problems and how difficult it can be to maintain your roof. On windy days low hanging branches can scuff your shingles and clog the gutter system. If you have trees near your house always try to keep the tree branches in check.

Gutter cleaning

It is ideal to have gutters cleaned at all times. It can save you money in the long run. Having gutters full of debris can cause the gutter to fail and give water a chance to damage your property. It is recommended you clean your gutters twice a year, but if you live in a tree dominated the neighborhood, it would not be a bad idea to have them cleaned a couple of extra times as needed. Buying a House is a major investment, as a house owner, you should always protect your investment by performing regular maintaining to your roof similarly as you would for your car.

Damaged, lifting, missing shingles

If you notice you have shingles or cedar lifting or breaking apart, it could be a sign that you need your roof replaced or repaired. There are many reputable roofing contractors that will provide free roof inspection and estimates. It is recommended that you get quotes from a minimum of 2 companies to match the price. When picking a roofing contractor make sure to check their reviews online. SRS roofing has 5-star reviews and has
A+ rating with better business bureau.


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