Mold, mildew, lichen, moss, algae and sometimes small trees, all are happy to grow on the ideal surface of your roof. Sunshine, warmth, rainwater and fresh air all contribute to happy and fast growth of these nasty invaders, and result in a stained roof. Overhanging branches, sap and just general dirt and toxins add their additional layer of moss, lichen and sticky, dark stains also.

The coatings and stains mentioned above all contribute to the ultimate demise of your roof! If left unchecked, not only will the problem become more unsightly, but it will literally eat at your roof, eventually causing leaks and rot. Buildup of mold, mildew, lichen and moss on your roof can also affect the energy efficiency of your home which will cost you more in both heating and cooling. Dirty roofs should not be taken lightly, but should be a warning that it is time to clean up your act – your roof act, that is.


Pressure Cleaning Teamwork

Our roof cleaning service technicians work as a team when a roof is being done. One member is on the roof while another member is spraying the landscape below with fresh water. This consistent fresh water spray keeps plants and landscaping wet, so the cleaning solution runs off foliage and does not dry on your plants. Our solution is safe, but still, our technicians don’t feel that your plants will look as good with dried solution on them. A fresh water hose running in the gutter keeps the solution that is dripping from the roof diluted so when the gutter drains down to the ground, full-strength solution does not dry on your surrounding landscaping

Mild Pressure And Safe Cleaning Solutions

We use mild pressure in our equipment that spreads the special cleaning solution in a nice, easy, but gentle spray. High pressure is not needed or wanted to clean a roof. The nozzle of the wand on our professional equipment sprays in a wide pattern which covers a lot of roof territory quickly and easily: all without the use of high, damaging water pressure.

Even though the cleaning solution can be sprayed from a nozzle, we don’t want it to run right off of a sloped roof. The cleaning solution needs to sit and soak onto the mold, mildew and dirt. So, surfactant is added to the cleaning solution to help it stick to roof where it has been sprayed, rather than just running right off the edge of the roof and into the gutter.

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