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Fall-The best season to look for roof maintenance needs

Fall is considered to be the best season to look for maintaining your roof , whether you are a homeowner or a landlord. The first and the biggest reason is that the summer heat has lost its strength. Therefore, you can peacefully check the entire roof in a comparatively cool weather. The second reason is that either it is a rental property or your own home, it is ready to face the harsh winter weather. You will have the peace of mind that your roof will not leak on the first storm of the winters.

The main purpose of getting the roof maintenance pro-actively is that the tenants are happier as no problem will arise in any kind of weather. This roofing Maintenance encourages them to stay with you longer and you are also safe from the hassle of looking for new tenants as well. Apart from that, a leak free roof means durable house with long life as well.  

There are a number of things that you can do yourself as well due to which you can save a lot of money on roofing maintenance from contractors. With a little effort, you can increase the life of your roof considerably.

Things to watch out for

There are a number of reasons due to which your roof might be damaged. So here are a few things that you should consider when checking the roof if it maintenance.

The first and the foremost reason is the roof might get damaged is due to improper installation in the first place. If the products have not been installed properly, the performance will be poor. Therefore, it is very important to look for not only trained, but also very experienced contractor. The contractors that you get through Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor Program are highly qualified and experienced in using the roofing products of Malarkey. Whenever you have arranged a visit from any contractor company for roof inspection, first carry out the inspection yourself.  Consider the following things when you inspect the roofing yourself.

Shingles: one of the most widely used material on roof is shingles. There are numerous shingles that are used on the roofing. That is why checking the status of every shingle is not possible. What you can do is to check the overall quality of the shingles on the roof. That can be done by checking if any shingles are missing, cracked or have been fitted in the wrong direction. After the inspection has been done, you can tell about the amount of damage that has been done to your roof due to storms and adverse weather like hailstorms etc. If the shingles look faded, this is the evidence that the shingles are losing their granular property due to oxidation, which could result in premature aging of the roof.  

Flashing status: The material that is used between the shingles and fixed roof pieces like vents, chimneys and downspouts is known as flashing. The purpose of this material is to stop seepage of water into the roof. This material also needs to be checked properly. If there are number of dents, cracks or mold in it, then it needs repairing as well.


The main reason for a lot of problems is that a lot of organic material including leaves, twigs and branches falls on roof from the nearby trees. These can result in blockage of water due to which the roof might start absorbing moisture. Therefore, whenever you go on the roof for inspection, always clear all the organic matter from your roof. Also look if the debris has already affected the roof by checking for algae and mold. These can be managed in very simple steps, but if they are left in place, they can result in expensive repairs for leaks. Therefore, perform the following steps to save money.

Whenever you see the organic material on the roof, always remove all of it. Apart from it, you can also limit the access of this material to your roofing. This can be done by trimming of the nearby trees or plants. You can also remove completely or trim down the branches that are extending to your roof so that the falling leaves and twigs do not collect on your roof.

Another very important thing you can do is to clean all the gutters as well as the downspouts on your roof. This should be a seasonal task specially to be done after fall. The main reason for mold and fungus is the clogged gutters. These will not let the rain water to escape from the roof which, after some time will start seeping into the roof. Not only can it present serious issues like mold, but it could also result in a number of leakages as well. Another phenomena that seriously damages the house especially in winter season is ice damming. This also happens due to clogged gutters due to which the water is unable to escape.

Apart from leakage and ice damming, another serious consequence of clogged gutters is the breeding of mosquitos and various other hazardous insects. Apart from that, it is also a breeding ground for vermin. They will eventually find a way into your house and will cause damage to the foundations of the house. Therefore, never overlook the importance of cleaning the gutters and the serious hazards of collection of water in form of puddles around your house.

Ventilation and Insulation

Another important step while inspecting the roof is to properly check the side under the deck of the roof as well. In a number of houses, this place is known as attic. Most people used this place for the storage of extra stuff. But the main purpose of the attic is that it provides insulation as well as ventilation to the roof system. Therefore, during its inspection, check if there are any signs of water leakage or mold. If there are signs of moisture absorption, then it means that your roof system has been compromised and needs repairs.

Professionals from Malarkey

Hiring a contractor for every single job is not advised. There are a number of small repairs, that you can do yourself which will save you a lot of money. But if there are serious signs of damage, then you should always hire professionals.

Apart from the various reasons for hiring professionals to do a proper job, the top one is your own safety. All the experts at Malarkey have undergone rigorous training after which they have been able to get the certifications from Malarkey Certified Residential Contractor Program. Therefore, when you select professionals from us, you can have complete peace of mind that our professionals will do the best job.


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