Roof Leak Repair

What to do if your roof is leaking?

Roof Leak Repair

Home is always considered as the safest place for everyone. We get shelter and spend most of our time in our home. No one from us compromises the safety and security of our home. We utilize money as much as we can, to make our homes the safest place.Just imagine that while you are spending a good time with your family at your home and suddenly a storm hits and it starts raining. Your house’s roof is too old and it starts leaking in the situation. Now, of course, you cannot instantly repair your roof as it is raining outside. All you can do is to try to stop leakage temporarily. Here are some Roof Leak Repair solutions to reduce the damage from leaking water and also how to prevent it from future leaks.


First of all, you should cover all the things with plastics that can be affected due to leaks. For instance, furniture, electronic appliances or any other valuable things. You should do it instantly to reduce the damage.


The water cannot be stopped without proper seals, so you should instantly place a bucket or other container under the leaks. The leaking water will be collected and thus it will not spread in your house. Due to height water can also splash out from the container while dropping. So use old clothes around the container which will absorb the water on the floor. The problem is you cannot control the water for so long. In such a situation, you should call an emergency contractor.


If the leakage has been controlled due to your struggle, you should dry all the affected materials like furniture, carpets and all other things. If the damage from water is extensive, you should take the help of professional water extraction companies.


Insurance services are the best options to reduce the cost of any kind of damages. If you have already registered yourself for insurance, you should immediately call you agent. Although the insurance policy may not cover your roof’s leakage but you should call the agent to see which damage can be recovered and which is not.


Once the water is controlled and everything is safe from damage then it is time to fix the roof. For that purpose, you should hire a licensed contractor for roofing to permanently fix the leakage and avoid future leaks.

While finding or hiring the contractor you should keep the following points in your mind.

  • Get several quotes from different companies
  • Check the licence of the company. It should provide all the services you need.
  • You should also make sure the contractor will also repair the damages especially wood damages before re-roofing.
  • You should ask for the guarantee and expected life of the roof.
  • Make sure that the contractor should agree for the municipal inspection of the roof before working on it.

You should not allow such companies that will not fulfil all the requirement described above.


Once the roof  leak repair completely, you need to make sure that it will not leak again in the future. There are certain steps you could take to avoid future leaks.


Branches of trees on your roof can cause punctures. The scattered parts of trees like leaves and stems can also cover the roof surface and cause your roof to be wet all the time. This can also reduce the life of your roof. So you should cut them from your roof.


The falling leaves and small debris can cover your gutters and downspouts. This will block rainwater to flow down easily. So you should keep your roof surface clean and remove the leaves from your gutters especially in rainy seasons.


Sometimes leakage in the roof is due to cracks or missing hole on the roof while construction. The pipes installed in roofs can also cause leaks in the roof. You should instantly repair the collar of pipes and fill all the holes and crack of the roofs. Roofing tar is the best option for the seal.

Choosing the best contractor and giving proper time for Roof Leak Repair can help you to keep the roof safe from any kind of damage and leakage and you will not have to spend more money on it for a long time.


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