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Is My Roof Fit for Winter?

RE-ROOF and roofing

The wintertime is the perfect time to have a roof renovation or perhaps get a new roof altogether. Winters are the season when you’ll have to suffer through a runny nose, sore throat, or high fever and all this is owing to the below zero-degree Celsius temperatures that your body needs to adapt to. However, our bodies aren’t the only things that suffer during this wintertime. Material equipment and roofs might also suffer as a result of below zero degrees in the winter times. So how do you prepare yourself and your roof such that you don’t have to worry about drainage in your roof every morning? You want to make sure that the water and snow do not get absorbed into the roofing and instead just slide off. To do this it is important that you have checked out on all the following things:

The age of your roof:                         

This is the most obvious thing to have checked. How old is your roof and am I going to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions? Most installment and roofing shingles last for up to 20 to 25 years and any more than this might need regular check-ins for signs of deterioration and what not. However, if your roof is this old and you would rather be on the safe side than sorry then it is probably wise to get your roofing replaced or renovated already.

Increased heating requirements:

If you have had to worry about mounting heating bills over the last few winters then chances are that there are major changes you need to be doing to your roofing and ceiling insulations. Most people will think that it has to do with better insulation of your windows and door however, more often than not it actually has to do with the insulation of your roofing and ceiling that is the culprit. This is why you must make sure that your ceiling and roofing are properly insulated if your heating bill seems to be increasing.

Shingles curling up:

One of the major reasons why you might need to get a new roof is if your roof’s shingles are curling up. If you are starting to notice that your roof shingles are buckling, curling, or missing then perhaps it might be time for a new roof. You could get a roof repair or a roof renovation.

Moss, Mold, or Rot:

Moss is the most dangerous of the bunch because it can hold the moisture that falls onto your roof and help damage your roof during the wintertime. So, if you see this on your roof you should probably get it checked instantly. However, mold and rot are signs that your roof is already starting to damage and this is when you should start thinking about a new roof or renovation. This can lead to a lot of future complications that you might not want to deal with like a leaky roof, etc.


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