Roof Repairs


We are Downpipes Services in Canada . Having a roof over your head is not only important in a figurative way but also in a literal way. Literally, a roof is probably the most important part of the whole building you call home. It covers you from above, keeping you protected from all sorts of weather conditions and much more. Basically, it acts as a barrier between you and the outside world. If something happens to your roof, or it is in a worn-out condition, life inside the house would not be pleasant. For example, a leakage that allows water to seep through the cracks would make it impossible for you to live in peace inside the house. This is why roof repairs are extremely important.



Flat roof leaking can become a huge nuisance if not taken care of at the right time. We drain the flat roof so that the standing water does not bother you inside the home.

Broken Shingles

Many people seem to ignore if shingles break, and it only comes to their attention when the damage has gone quite further. This is where we step in and fix these shingles so that your roof can look as good as new.

Replacing Tiles

Just like shingles, tiles can also get damaged or broken due to nearby trees or weather conditions. We take the matter into our own hands and make sure that every tile on your roof is in its original condition.


We do not only fix the damage that you called us for, but we also make sure that everything else is in its right position. For example, if you have called us to repair broken shingles, we would check for the presence of leakage and broken tiles too. Regular repairs allow you to see if there are any weak points or damaged parts in your roof.

At SRS Roofing, we make sure that the expert that comes to fix your roof is fully skilled at the job. Our team is insured and highly-qualified to do their jobs. We make sure that you are satisfied with the final results that we give you because customer satisfaction is the crux of our mission statement. Thus, if you are ever in need of a roofing repair contractor in the lower mainland, we will be available at your service. With our thirty years of experience, we hardly ever make mistakes or disappoint our clients.


SRS Roof Repairs

Here at SRS roofing, we provide repairs services such as repairing a roof leaking or skylight leaking. Leaking around skylights is common if you do not maintain your roof or the roof is of lower quality and cannot stand the test of time. No matter what the problem with your roof is, we are here to fix it. Getting regular repairs for your roof extends its lifespan. If you have a good-quality roof, it will last for up to two decades or even more. However, without repairs, it would collapse in a few years of installation.


We have over 30 years experience in roofing and guttering ,using

the highest Quality materials and backing up our workmanship