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If you are looking for best Roofing Company near me in Squamish then there is only 1 trustworthy, experienced and reliable name comes in mind is SRS Roofing & Exterior. We are serving lower mainland since 2009.Best roofing company near me in Squamish with over 10 years experience and 5 star rated by BBB,Yelp is none other than SRS ROOFING & EXTERIOR  . It is Best roofing company near me in Squamish that can provide Eco Roofing, Metal Roofing and all other types of roofing at very economical rates as compare to the market. 

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SRS Roofing & Exterior is the most Professional, Trusted and Reliable Roofing Company near me in Squamish. In other words, Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .We are Roofing & Gutter contractor in lower mainland since 2009. We are providing services in all over areas of Vancouver especially in Squamish and surroundings with high quality material and construction standards. We have decade plus experience in installation of all types and styles of Roofing & gutter according to your home design. Above all, Our main concern is to install a Roof in such a way  that  enhances home front look with out compromising on quality. 

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The roof over your head is your homes first line of defense from B.C harsh weather. Unfortunately, your roof has not been built to last forever, and over time it will begin to deteriorate. SRS roofers are experts in Roof replacement. Moreover, identifying and rectifying causes of roof leaks and areas requiring maintenance. Accordingly, We can help you replace or repair your roof at a very affordable price. Basically, SRS Roofing & Exterior was established in 2009 and has changed over 3000+ Roofs and repairs. In other words, We always stand behind their work and has 5 star rating, A+ BBB accredit business. Just call SRS roofing for any roofing related work and we will take care of the rest and guide you through out the project for peace of your mind. Moreover, SRS is licensed and insured roofing company. In other words, Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become popular now because of its many pros. First of all, metal roofs last a really long time. In fact, Once you get metal roofs installed for your house, they would last for your whole life. Generally, the average lifespan of metal roofs is 50 to 70 years, which is extremely impressive. On the other hand, asphalt roofs only last for up to 12 or 15 years.Secondly, metal roof cost is not as much as you would expect such a long-lasting roof to have. Basically, the cost differs based on the material you are using. In reality, metal roofs are very durable due to their strong and sturdy build. Sometimes, strong winds can totally damage a roof or a season with high snow levels can leave you with a lot of roof damage, but metal roofs pull through all of this.

Moreover, they do not require a lot of maintenance. For other roofs, you have to make sure that you maintain them and fix them from time to time. By comparison, metal roofs are durable, so they reduce the cost by reducing the need for maintenance.

Mostly, roofing materials burn up into flames if the temperature is too high or there is a spark from electric wires. Contrarily, Metal roofs are resistant to this. Thus, they increase the safety of your home. Moreover, they also reflect heat, so they reduce the cost of cooling equipment by up to 25%. This should give you a fair idea of how cost-effective metal roofs are.

durable material

ECO Roofing

In this time and age, if everything related to our lifestyle is not environment-friendly, Consequently, we will not have a safe place to live in. Eco roof is a great way to take a step towards keeping your environment safe. Formerly, It is a sustainable choice that you can make in today’s time. In fact, getting a roof for your house is a tricky step of building a home. This is because you have to live with that roof for years, if not decades. Therefore, the choice you make should be durable and smart.

At SRS Roofing , we provide rubber roofing and rubber roof replacement services for your home. Chiefly, rubber shingles are good for flat roofs, but they can also be placed on an asphalt roof. So, it is up to you whichever way you would like it to be. Explicitly, we would guide you in choosing the best. Likewise,  rubber roofs are eco-friendly because they do not need to be replaced every ten years, thus reducing the wastage. Resultant, they can last up to 50 years as modern rubber can resist Sun’s rays. Therefore, Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .


Enviro Shakes

Everyone knows that Enviro Shakes is the master of eco-friendly roofing. But making the roof is not the only step. You have to install it too, and that is where we come to your aid. Particularly,  we are pros of installing every kind of green roof as we have been doing this for a long time now. Moreover, green roofs add an amazing aesthetic to any building. Significantly, they can make your home look visually pleasing. Undoubtedly, there was a time when everywhere you looked, you saw grey concrete. Now, people want to see beautiful architecture that gives a refreshing change to their homes. Secondly, green roofs also regulate temperature. Subsequently,  No matter what kind of climate it is, green roofs aid in the regulation of temperature so that you can save money on heating and cooling. Formerly, Roofing Company near me in squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .

Skills in Gutter Installation near me in Squamish

We are pros at gutter installation because we have been doing it for decades. The gutters we install on your roofs are eco-friendly as they are made of recyclable steel. Secondly, we make sure that the gutters are cut to the right size so that there is no missing portion of the roof.

Moreover, We have multiple design options for you to choose from. Most importantly, It is our duty to make sure that you get what you are looking for. Additionaly, we can also make the new gutter installation blend it seamlessly with your current fascia system.

Presently, a lot of people have foundation problems in their house building, and that is due to damaged gutters. Likewise, this can make the roof look worn out if the damage continues for a long time. At this point, we come as your roof’s saviours and install gutters to keep the house safe. Moreover, Gutters can prevent potential damage to your home, especially if the climatic conditions in the region are unpredictable.In the roofing process, it is not only the material that matters. 

Half-Round European Gutter in Squamish

Gutters are essential for any roof as they prevent erosion and ensure that the landscape is preserved. Also, they prevent flooding. If the gutters are not installed in their place, or they are not installed properly, the whole house can be flooded. Therefore, the 150 mm diameter of the half-round gutter shape ensures excellent water carrying characteristics. Moreover, The half-round gutter has self-cleaning ability and is used for all types of buildings, like modern homes, industrial and commercial office buildings.

Above all, Replacement of gutter profiles is a technical task that should be performed by professional roofing experts for home owners. However, At SRS Roofing & Exteriorgutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter cleaning maintenance are our specialty. In conclusion, if you have any questions, you can connect with us

Moreover, SRS Roofing & Exterior provides free advice and cost estimation by calculating roof and downspout measurements. Indeed, Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .

Leaf Guard Gutter in Squamish

Gutters help in taking the water away from the roof. However, every season or every year, you have to clean up the gutters because debris and leaves collect in the gutters. However, If you do not clean for too long, you might even see a bird’s nest in your gutters. If you do not want to put yourself through the hassle of regular cleaning, you can get a leaf guard Gutters system installed by SRS Roofing.


Basically, the suction created by the two membranes makes it possible to drain three times more water than ever recorded in the heaviest storms. Eventually, the inner membrane draws water through the wider holes.



Although, the double membrane keeps debris from getting inside the gutter. Therefore, the offset holes make it the perfect filter, allowing water to drain freely while blocking pine needles and leaves without ever getting clogged.


Formerly, timelapse showing the effects of snow and ice on a rain gutter system installed with the Alu-Rex Pro Series T-Rex continuous hanger system. Additionally, Timelapse showing the performance of Alu-Rex products in autumn, and the protection they give rain gutters against leaves and debris.


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SRS Roofing & exterior provide free cost estimation and Home inspection. We are local therefore  provide emergency service 24/7 all areas of mainland. Above all, 5-Star rated Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS .In addition, SRS is fully ensured & trusted company. Above all, we provide free home inspection. So what’s are you waiting for? Feel free to contact.

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SRS Roofing & Exterior is a  local roofing and gutter contractor Company. In addition, We are gutter specialists serving the lower mainland since 2009. Indeed, We are licensed and insured roofing company. However, we believes in doing things properly the first time, without short cuts and never compromising on  quality. Undoubtedly, SRS specializes in Gutter Installation  & repair services. Above all, Changing existing residential & Commercial Gutters (of any type) is what we do best. However, we also do roof replacements on just about any structure including – Commercial and Industrial Buildings such as shops, warehouses, factories and awnings. In conclusion,  Best Roofing Company near me in Squamish that has 10+ years experience in field is none of the other is SRS . 


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The roof over your head is your homes first line of defense from B.C harsh weather. Unfortunately your roof has not been built to last forever, and over time it will begin to deteriorate.

Affordable Roofing Shingles


For sure, a roof is probably the most important part of the whole building you call home. Moreover, It covers you from above, keeping you protected from all sorts of weather conditions and much more


Accordingly, Metal roofing has become popular now because of its many pros. First of all, metal roofs last a really long time. Once you get metal roofs installed for your house


Although, Gutters increase the lifespan of your roof. However it also reduce the water damage to the roof. For the installation of gutters, no matter what material, on your roof

double pro leaf guard


In fact, a leaf guard is a literal guard for the gutters on your roof. Finally, allow us to increase the longevity of your gutters by hiring us to install leaf guards.

roofing & gutters Specialists

Power Washing

Generally, Roofs get more than just rain water on them. In fact, depending where you live, you may find moss and lichen growing on your shingles.


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We needed new gutters replaced. Therefore, we had call around and omar was the most reasonable. They were very professional and the quality of work was amazing. Moreover, they had removed all the old gutters and cleaned up after. Furthermore, we are now looking to get our downspout and house pressure wash because the new gutters looks amazing. Lastly, Thanks again Omar! Highly recommended..
Roofing & gutters Specialists
Emily Johnpierre
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value SRS was very efficient, polite and friendly. He called to advise me he was available to come early which was great! Moreover, he did a great job on replacing the gutters and eaves trough and then cleaning inside and out! I would highly recommend SRS exteriors The fact they could be done in such a short notice was great because we are putting our house for sale and the gutters were extremely damaged and were dirty. In 30 years they have never been so clean. Thanks for a great job- Thanks Abel
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Alpacca Parts
I called him for my gutter installation. He did a great job. I highly appreciate his knowledge and concern for his work. Furthermore, his workers are very cooperative. Likewise, He completed his work on time and with amazing efficiency. Similarly, he installed the gutter and repaired all the previous ones. Same as his workers are experts at work. Undoubtedly, I like his way of working. He continuously updates me with pics and videos
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