Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

How much cost will be required for a new roof system?

The price for this purpose is not constant. It is dependent on different factors like selection of material, contractor’s demand, architecture rates of area, location and labour expenses. So the best option to know about the price is that you should get proposals from different contractors, it will give you an idea for price. The price also varies with the quality you need and your desires for the architectural designs. It also varies depending on the material you use for roofing.

As you have understood the price based on what factors, so you can select the best design and shape for roofing and also can find the best contractor just according to your budget.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

What is the procedure to find the annual roofing cost possible?

There is no such long procedure as you think. You can easily do it using the formula given below. Total Cost (Materials and Labour) / Life Expectancy of Roof System (in years) = Annual Roofing Cost

My contractor just installed underlayment on the roof. It rained heavily yesterday and now this underlayment has been wrinkled. Should it replace it?

The replacement depends upon the condition of the underlayment. If the wrinkles on it are not extremely bad then it will not harm the shingle installation. The underlayment will not easily become problematic and you can also reduce the wrinkling by using heavyweight shingles. After complete installation, the wrinkles will not appear.

How to choose the best contractor after getting different proposals?

The proposal which will have a detailed and clear understanding of things would be perfect which represent the expertise and professionalism of the contractor. While the following important factors should be present in the proposal which will help you to find the best one.

  • Detail about roof covers
  • Which materials should be used
  • What will be the scope of work
  • The existing roof should be replaced or removed.
  • Information for ventilation systems
  • Who will be responsible for the damages occur while working
  • Which ways would be used for installations
  • Estimation of work duration.
What can be the other solutions instead of reroofing?

For your roof, you will always have two options. First, you can completely replace the roof systems by demolishing the existing one. Second, you can recover the damages and repair all the previous installations somehow. The expert contractors can do both of them for you but you should get the advice from a professional. Most experts do not allow repair for more than once so in such condition you need to completely rely on reroofing.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

How long can I expect my roof system to last?

The life of the roof system is the most interesting question. Most newly installed roof system serve up to 20 years however, the strong roof systems made up clay tile, slate or special metals can serve longer than that. The life of the roof system also depends upon several other factors like environment and design. It can also be based on the quality of material you are using and the duration between the maintenances. Many roofing products manufacturers also give warranties for their products. While buying those materials select the long-lasting one. The warranty of contractors will also be helpful to keep your roof system perfect for the longer run.

I get proposals from two contractors one says that he will use No. 15 underlayment and another contractor says he will use just No. 30. Which is the best option?

According to NRCA recommendations a single layer of No. 15 asphalt-saturated underlayment having slopes of 4:12 (18 degrees) or greater is preferable. The minimum two layers of underlayment are best for the slope ranges from 14 degrees to 18 degrees. But if you are planning to install heavyweight shingles then No.30 underlayment will be best for long life.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

Is staples are strong enough like nails because my contractor says that he will use them for the installation of asphalt shingles?

According to NRCA recommendations galvanizes steel or equivalent which should have great resistant against corrosion must be used for installing asphalt shingle. You should also confirm it form the governing building code requirements and also consider the recommendation of shingle manufacturer.

How to deal with algae and moss on the shingles?

Using a mild solution of chlorine bleach and water or mild detergent gently applied with a sponge or hand-held sprayer and rinse thoroughly can be helpful. Do not use powerful chemicals which can harm your shingles.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

If we use two layers of No. 15 underlayment instead of one layer of No.30, are they equal?

No, the two-layer of No. 15 is not equal to one layer of No.30 underlayment. While using two layers there is always 19-inch overlap between two layers. NRCA also recommends using double layer but for the roof decks which have the slope ranger from 14 degrees to 18 degrees

I want to know which is the appropriate roof system for my flat surface roof?

For a long life no single roofing system can be approved as he best. The life and quality changes with different circumstance. Keep this thing in mind that even a good material can not last as long as you expect. Only one thing that will always help you with the best roofing is the skills of the worker who will install your system. His expertise and attention matter a lot to prevent leaks and damages. Time by time maintenance is also important for long term benefits. For low slope or no slope roof, you should completely study the types of roof systems and their benefits.

One thing to consider is that the manufacturer will never give you a warranty for materials. He will give it to the contractor who will give his own warranty to you. So collaborate your contractor and discuss everything properly. You should also decide everything in the contract that you will sign with him so do not let your money waste.
It is mid of winter season and now the contractor is working on my roof. Are low-temperature matters for the installation of asphalt shingles?

Temperature affects everything a little bit but deciding which temperature is much cold for the installation of asphalt shingles is not so simple. In cold temperature, they started to break and fibreglass shingles get affected more than the organic one. You can reduce the damage by storing them in normal temperature and loading a few bundles at a time on the roof. The temperature does not just affect the shingles but you will also notice that the seals will not work properly in cold temperature. The bond becomes weak in the cold so the best option is Hand-tabbing. It is the most recommended one for the area where the high wind blows. The hand-tabbing is a technique of adhesive to the underside of shingles. 

How long should I wait for the installation of shingles after the installation of underlayment because my contractor installed that covering two weeks ago? Should I leave it exposed?

You should understand that time is not a big issue between the installation. But if wrinkles come on the underlayment then it will disturb the installation of shingles and will not provide a flat surface, so you should ask your contractor to do it as soon as possible.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

My contractor did not cover the roof completely and left one side unprotected. It rained and my ceiling and walls got damage. Who is responsible for repairs?

You should check out the contract that you signed. There must be a declaration for the responsibility of repairs. If it is not included in your contract then you should ask for the favour from contractor politely. Be conscious for the next time that this must be mentioned in your contract that what kind of damages will be repaired by the contractor.

During roofing, my contractor did not use new flashing but used the existing one and after completing the work on shingles he left. Now he is not replying me. Should not the new installation be part of work?

Surely if the new installation for flashing was not included your contract then it was not the responsibility of him. You should make sure these things in the scope of work during the contract.

I got various estimations for the replacement of asphalt shingle roof system but there is a great difference between prices?

Yes the big difference occurs sometime and no doubt lowest estimation is best for you regarding the budget. But keep in mind that some contractors who have low rates mostly are uninsured or they do not meet high-quality standards. You should also demand the breakdown of estimations to understand where cost is utilizing and how it lower than others.

How can I find if my roof system is perfect or not?

If your roof has a problem it will show you on its own. You will discover it in the form of leaks and cracks. But if you want to avoid serious damage you can perform maintenance within time and cover the minor cracks and leaks. Properly check the gutters and downspouts after some days and if you find some issues of water flows and other you should take necessary action. Also, check the paint and fill the cracks and color the discolored plasterboards to avoid damages.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.

Should I completely replace my roof if it leaks?

No, this is not necessary. You can easily recover the leaks by filling the loose sections or cracks. Yes, sometimes the roof system completely fails so in such condition replacement is the best option. But before taking action let you roof system properly checked by the experts.

Can I do the work myself on my roof systems?

It depends on the nature of the work you are going to do. Mostly you cannot do it by yourself. A professional can check the problems properly and he has the training to work safely. You cannot work effectively and with accuracy like a professional does. Your improper strategies lack of information can cause more problems so avoid doing it by yourself. If you have all the tools using which you can safely fill your small cracks or seals then you can do it by yourself but do not take risks if the situation is out of your control.

What to do to decrease or completely remove ice dams?

You should remove you the snow as possible but always take the help of expert contractors. The snow can be deep and the ice inside it can also be thick. By applying wrong techniques it can cause problems. It is also against the recommendations of NRCA to use ice picks or any sharp corner tool for the removal of ice or snow from the roof. The sharp corners can damage the roof covers and flashings. So let the professionals do their work.

Is using melting pellets can be harmful to my asphalt shingles installed in the roof?

Commonly, many ice melting material does not affect the life of asphalt shingles. Using chemical can leave stains even after the washing. Using the right chemical like calcium or magnesium chloride pellets can be more beneficial. These chemicals are less harmful as compare to sodium chloride.

I want to install shingles on 11-degree slope. There is a conflict that the manufacturer is saying there is no problem while my contractor says it is not a good option. Who should I believe?

You can resolve your conflict by reading NRCA recommendations. It suggests that no shingles should be installed on the slopes less than 18 degrees. The more the slope the more it will drain away water so easily form the roof. Less slope will hold some water due to gravity and should not rely on that.

I have two single static vents but my contractor is still asking me to install a ridge vent on my roof. Should I do it?

While focusing on NRCA suggestions you will come to know that attic ventilation should be balanced between eaves and ridge. This is necessary to provide a proper area to the ventilation. The proper working of ventilation is much important in the perfect roofing. So around the one and half of the ventilation area must be present near to the ridge. For best roofing for residential buildings, proper attic ventilation is a good option. You can get more details by reading “Principles of Attic Ventilation” which was written by Mark Graham, NRCA Associate Executive Director of Technical Services that appeared in NRCA’s magazine, Professional Roofing. You can also check Technical Bulletin 98-2.

Which asphalt shingle is more suitable for roofing?

Asphalt shingles have two types, fibreglass and organic. Both of them have own advantages like organic shingles have the best resistance for wind, cold temperature and great strength while as compare to them fibreglass shingles have high resistance for fire and moisture. When it comes to performance, the quality and compatibility of reinforcement, asphalt fillers and surface granules matter a lot. While buying you should also keep this thing in mind that the warranty is not always a suitable thing to judge the quality and performance of roof systems or any roofing product. You can check NRCA’s consumer advisory bulletin addressing roofing warranties for more information. The best type you choose according to your area will last longer and will be best for you.

I want to install asphalt shingle roof system and the contractor is offering the warranty for one year. Is this warranty is according to industrial standards?

The answer to your question is simple but you need to understand something about the warranty. The warranty for roofing is of two types. First, there will be the asphalt shingle manufacturer’s warranty which generally covers problems in the manufacture. The range for this warranty can be from twenty years to a lifetime.

Second warranty is about the workmanship of the contractor. This warranty relates to installations and problems regarding them. Every coverage should also be mentioned in this warranty. Mostly up to two years of warranty is provided by the contractors.

Keep in mind that there is no industry standard for warranty.

So the answer to your question has been explained that no standards are present, it all depends upon your dealings with a contractor where you both will decide, what warranties he is providing and for how long.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Roofing company near me in surrey.