Snap Lock Metal Roofing System

Snap Lock Metal Roof Installation

What Is Snap Lock?

In metal construction, snap lock panels are a type of standing seam. With a Triple-Lock design, standing seam panels offer the greatest wind uplift resistance of any roof system. Standing seam metal roof panels with Snap Lock have male and female leg that snap together. This roof system features a double-folded, “hooked in”, standing seam that prevents seam failure between supports inhibits side lap unfurling and adds structural integrity.

Snap Lock Characteristics:

Concealed Fastener roof system

 It is a concealed fastener roof system that offers a clean, durable finish. Due to Concealed fasteners, fasteners cannot leak.

Size Availability

 Its primary specialty is 12″ coverage. In addition to 12″ and 16″ sizes, 26 gauge and 24 gauge options are available. 26 gauge Tru-Gauge™ is considered the best Gauge.

Color finishes /Color availability

 A total of 16 standard colors are offered. This non-structural single-locked or double-locked roof panel is installed with an expansion clip. Due to their cool colors, They are also certified by ENERGY STAR® as environmentally friendly. specially designed to reflect infrared light, helping to reduce heat gain in the home.

Long Lasting Paint warranty

It is the longest-lasting roofing sheet available, whether it is pre-painted Galvalume or bare Galvalume. A 40-year limited warranty is provided for the high-quality factory baked-on paint system.

Superior performance

 Architectural professionals prefer Snap Lock’s flat pan/vertical rib profile because of its superior performance and traditional appearance.


Materials and installation for a Snap Lock standing seam system range from $10 to $16 per square foot.

Vertical interlocking application:

These roofing sheets are Designed to allow installation from either direction beginning at any point from any location

Pre-slotted fastener flange

This system provides a Pre-slotted fastener flange that allows expansion/contraction of the panel.

Standard panel lengths

We offer standard panel lengths of 3′ to 40′: we can supply longer panels upon request.

Options for panning:

There are two pan options: Accent Ribs and Striations

Advantages of Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Best suitable for residential buildings. Residential metal roofs were originally Snap-Loc.

There are no mechanical seams in this roofing system, so the installation process is much faster and easier.

Because of its ease of installation, it is more affordable since it requires less labor and fewer hours to complete.

This roofing system provides Leak resistance.

Its paints and structure are Durability and warranted.

It requires very Low maintenance as compared to other roofing systems.

Curb appeal

The installation is straightforward even for homeowners; however, safety precautions need to be observed.

Safety Measures:

Always wear proper safety equipment when you work with metal roofing panels or trims.

When working with sheet metal roofing products, use eye protection, ear protection, gloves, and fall protection.

On windy days, avoid handling metal panels.

Metal surfaces can be extremely slippery when wet or covered in frost. Do not work on a wet or snow-covered roof.

Whenever you walk on a metal roof, wear shoes with rubber soles to prevent damage.


Not for low-sloped/ flat roofs. Panels of this type cannot cover roofs with pitches below 3:12. A lower-sloped roof is more prone to leaks because of its increased risk of water infiltration.


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